Realm Defense Animation/VFX

I did quite a bit of animation and VFX for Realm Defense using Spine and Unity's particle system. There are a lot of small animations not shown that don't make as much sense by themselves, or are harder to explain which part I did, since I polished or reworked a lot of animations from outsourcing. For the tower or character animations, I didn't render the actual tower/character, just the VFX pieces needed.

Conrx fay energycannon idle

For this tower I drew everything except the actual stone part of the tower.

Conrx fay energycannon atk
Conrx fay srtower
Conrx fay acidpit

Rendered by me

Conrx fay energycannonblast
Conrx fay magicarchermiss
Conrx fay firewisp idle
Conrx fay earthelemental
Conrx fay infernosummon

This guy I did render, as an upgraded version of the basic lava elemental.

Conrx fay scarabegg
Conrx fay quasar
Conrx fay stasis
Conrx fay voidorbs
Conrx fay inferno
Conrx fay solarflare