Frost Hockey

This is the art for an ice-themed air hockey game on mobile. Concepts used to develop the style were done by the team concept artist, but all modeling, lighting etc was done by me.

Conrx fay gameplay 01

Gameplay is that of air hockey, with a meta game similar to Golf Clash.

Conrx fay levelcomp

Level progression

Conrx fay screenshot 01

Gameplay screenshot of first level

Conrx fay paddlecomp

Paddle skins

Conrx fay pucks 1

Animals used in place of air hockey pucks

Conrx fay banner 01 1920x1080

Banner for marketing material, rendered in Arnold

Conrx fay appicon 1024

App icon

Conrx fay airhockeydioramas

Dioramas for level selection