3D Style Pitches

These are various concepts I did to develop and pitch the style for future game ideas, one was a tennis-like sports game, and the other a farming game.

For the tennis game, even though the design ideas for the game were changing constantly as I was making these, it would most likely be top-down and show the entire court on a mobile device. Therefore, proportions, especially the head-to-body ratio, were kept extreme enough to be readable from that far away. Most of these, due to time constraints and not needing production-ready models in order to pitch, are colored using simple materials or vertex colors, and rendered in Arnold.

For the farming game, we didn't know much except there are hundreds of other successful farming games out there, so we wanted to do something to stand out. With the success of films like Zootopia, I thought there could be a precedent for Rabbit farmers. For this project I was focusing more on environment than characters.

Conrx fay bg3

This is a concept of a mage character that would be part of a cast of "standard" fantasy archetypes.

Conrx fay animaldude

This is a concept of a character that would be part of a cast of animal characters.

Conrx fay arena b1

This is an arena concept for a sports game with some sci-fi elements. The goal was to keep the tone friendly and avoid everything being made out of metal.

Conrx fay concepts

These are NOT done by me. These are some of the concepts (done for Babeltime) which my character models are based on.

Conrx fay farmtown2

Farm scene concept rendered in Unity.

Conrx fay bun

Potential idea for a "rabbit farmer" character.

Conrx fay farmtown

Blockout of a fullscreen farm scene.