3D Style Pitches

At a couple points during working on Realm Defense, I did some 3D pieces. The most notable were the bucket troll, which was a style test to capture the spirit of the Realm Defense style in 3D, and the promo art for world 3 of Realm Defense.

I did various concepts to develop and pitch the style for future game ideas, one was a tennis-like sports game, and the other a farming game.

Conrx fay buckettroll

Sculpted in Zbrush and rendered in Maya/Arnold.

Conrx fay world3comp1

3D promo art based on concept art by Meng Ju (Link) Chiang

Conrx fay conrx fay animaldude

This is a concept of a character that would be part of a cast of animal characters.

Conrx fay conrx fay bg3

This is a concept of a mage character that would be part of a cast of "standard" fantasy archetypes.

Conrx fay conrx fay arena b1

This is an arena concept for a sports game with some sci-fi elements. The goal was to keep the tone friendly and avoid everything being made out of metal.

Conrx fay conrx fay farmtown2

Farm scene concept rendered in Unity.

Conrx fay conrx fay bun

Potential idea for a "rabbit farmer" character.